Posted by: thediygeochemist | February 2, 2009

problem solved…

One of the worst nail-biters of the admissions process for me was watching the online admissions status track sites to see if everyone had received my transcripts. I have attended 5(!) institutions so far–2 community colleges on a short-term basis, BigNameU, AlmaMater, and the state school I currently attend–so there were a lot of transcripts for me to track. Many of the transcripts arrived promptly; some arrived during winter break and were not processed until a couple of weeks later. And then there were the ones which stayed missing…

Last week, a couple of people over on GradCafe mentioned that universities seemed to have lost their transcripts…until they reminded the admissions people of their maiden name. Ah ha! All of the missing transcripts are, indeed, in my maiden name. I emailed the admissions directors; two replied to say that, yes indeed, they actually had my transcripts in another file.

I applied to nine schools; I’m sure that eight have everything so far. The last school doesn’t have a status check website, so I called to double check that they’d actually received everything. The secretary who answered the phone was very nice. When she asked my name, she recognized it right away…and said that she thought my file was complete, but couldn’t check because the admissions committee was meeting that day and they had it! She also said she thought I was a very good applicant! That’s gotta be a good sign, right?

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