Posted by: unlikelygrad | February 17, 2009

feeling depressed and mediocre

Two weeks to the day after my first acceptance, I still haven’t heard from any of the other eight schools. However, some other chem applicants HAVE received acceptances from these same schools.

It’s depressing. What is this supposed to mean? That they’re all better than I am? I know I can’t be really bad, because no one’s outright rejected me yet. But I clearly can’t be really good, either, because no one (except that one lovely school) has accepted me yet. In other words, I’m mediocre. Blah.

In addition to keeping busy, I try to keep myself thinking positively by focusing on the one school that has accepted me:

  • Reading papers published by the professors I want to work with.
  • Coordinating a visit tothe school with the department secretary
  • Checking out the surrounding city: bus lines, shopping, rental prices, etc.
  • Looking into son A’s prospects. He’s currently attending the local community college, and there’s no CC in the town. Could he attend my university as a transfer student?
  • Researching how much it would cost to move our family’s stuff to NewCity.

There are a lot of things you can think about when it comes to moving. And yet, somehow, I still find myself checking my email every 5 minutes…



  1. Congratulations for the the acceptance to one program you mentioned and good luck for rest.

    Grad student life is always a roller coaster ride even when you have not even started. The grad student life starts the moment to send out all those meticulously prepared applications. You get crests and troughs of getting an admit or a reject.

    I am waiting to hear from 8 schools with one admit from the school where I completed my MS, but I still anxious because I really want to get some of my top schools.

    And will help more if you research about those cities, even from where you are yet to receive a decision. I do that all the time apart from checking application status page 10 times a day.

  2. I’ve only heard from one school too (though it’s a good school and frankly may be my first choice regardless of how many other offers I get). But hey, at least we get to go to grad school for a subject we love!! It’s really a privilege that few get to enjoy.

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