Posted by: unlikelygrad | February 23, 2009

To email or not to email? That is the question.

As a general rule, I am pretty passive about emailing schools where I’ve applied. However, I think it’s time that I get aggressive about one particular school–let’s call it Good University (GU).

In a week and a half, I will be speaking at a homeschooling conference near GU. This is a happy coincidence–I actually agreed to speak long before I decided to apply to GU. In any case, I have a free plane ticket to the major city closest to GU, plus hotel accommodations for two nights. In addition, I have a free couch to sleep on for a few more nights, as my youngest sister also lives in the area.

Since I was free to make my own plane reservations–the conference organizers gave me a maximum to spend on airfare and told me they’d reimburse me–I maximized the amount of time I spent there, just in case I’d heard from GU. If they said yes, there’s enough time to spend a day or so there; if not, I can spend some quality time with my sister.

It never occurred to me when I was making all these arrangements that I wouldn’t have heard from GU by now. So what do I do? Do I email the department and tell them that I would like to visit, even though they haven’t yet accepted me?

If I am going, I do need some advance notice: I can use public transit to get from the airport to my hotel and my sister’s house, but I would actually need to rent a car to get down to GU. So resolving whether I’m going or not is a big thing.

Needless to say, this is all very frustrating to me. I’m curious to see what my loyal readers have to say about this situation.


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