Posted by: thediygeochemist | February 24, 2009

trying to be productive

I’ve discovered in the last few weeks that I can’t just stay busy in order to stave off the depression that comes with waiting: I also have to be productive.

Things that haven’t worked:

  • Trying to work out a problem I’ve been having with my research when my PI is gone for almost an entire week.
  • Working on a lab report when I only half-understand how to do the data analysis, and therefore only turn out one page in a couple of hours (!)
  • Reading fluffy novels
  • Looking at rentals near the one university I’ve been admitted to

Things that have worked:

  • Installing recessed lighting in the living room
  • Working on research after my PI came back
  • Teaching 35 people search & rescue techniques and participating in a mock disaster

See, I need immediate, positive results to keep the depression at bay. Maybe not on the research front, as my PI seems to emit positive-thinking radiation; just being around him works. But otherwise, I need to be productive. The problem is that, with all the worries associated with waiting, it’s hard to keep my mind on task. It’s become a vicious downward spiral…

Other things that help but aren’t necessarily productive:

  • Hugging my two younger boys. I would hug the older two, but they don’t like to be hugged any more. *weeps*
  • Playing board games with my family. Even when they beat me, which they usually do.
  • Watching the chickens scratch in the garden.
  • Listening to good classical music.

In other news, I did decide to email GU about whether to visit or not, and am still awaiting an answer.


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