Posted by: unlikelygrad | March 12, 2009


Some of you may have noticed that I generally use pseudonyms for the people I talk about. This is because I do not like people to be able to link my real identity with my blog. In light of this, I went back and edited out the names of the schools I applied to.

I fully intend to keep this blog up and running through my grad school experience. One of my sisters lost a potential job because of her blog (yes, she used her real name and posted openly about which grad school she was attending). I do not want to have the same experience.

So there you have it. Utter anonymity. Though, really, how many moms are there who study chemistry after years of homeschooling?

For those who came to my blog late in the game, here is the cast of frequently recurring characters, all pseudonyms (except for Mom & Dad, of course!):

UnlikelyGrad–a 37yo mom who is going to grad school after 15 years of homeschooling her children
UnlikelyDad–UnlikelyGrad’s husband who took over the homeschooling so she could go back to school
UnlikelyBoys–Known here as Al (16 yo), Nate (14), Lew(11), and Will(7).

SL–my current PI–a brand new assistant professor at LocalStateU

Other members of my family you may hear about:
Dad–professor emeritus of chemistry, theoretical chemist
Mom–published author
Sister Chrissy–professor of engineering at a well-known university
Sister Courtney–has a MS in theoretical chemistry (but was accepted to four top-tier PhD programs), plus a JD, soon to be law professor at a west coast school
I also have two brothers (Jim, Ben) and two more sisters (Ruth, Cassie) who figure less prominently in the grad school admission process.



  1. I wrote under a pseudonym for a year or so, until my coblogger persuaded me to post my real name on our site. I was reluctant at first, but it has led to some cool opportunities and has allowed me to start networking pretty extensively. It turns out that avoiding personal posts in favor of pure nerdity was a really good idea for us both.
    Whether you eventually drop the pseud or not, keep in mind that anonymous bloggers are often outed, and–whatever you do–don’t post anything too nasty…it will probably come back to haunt you. 🙂

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