Posted by: thediygeochemist | March 16, 2009


I try to be the Queen of Nice. Although I don’t always succeed–I’ve always been a bit too fond of sarcasm to be considered truly nice–I generally manage to maintain harmonious relations with those around me.

But, as everyone knows, negative feelings can’t be suppressed forever. In my case, I frequently tamp them down until they burst out, usually at home. So I get angry for a while–maybe 15 minutes–during which I generally yell briefly about silly things unrelated to the real reason I’m angry (“Doesn’t anyone do anything around here? Why am I the only one who replaces the empty toilet paper roll?”) and then retreat to my room to sulk. After an hour of sulkiness, I’m more or less back to my normal self. UnlikelyDad jokingly calls this phenomenon “Volcano UnlikelyGrad”: it rumbles, it explodes, and then it’s dormant again for another 200 years.

Volcano UnlikelyGrad generally erupts only once or month or so. (I refuse to say how eruption times correlate to PMS!) However, eruptions have been more frequent of late. This is of course, entirely related to the stress that decision making is heaping on my shoulders.

For example:

UnlikelyGrad: (looking at stats on two favorite schools) Hmm. This school is better at this, that school is better at that.
UnlikelyDad: Honey, if you don’t have anything better to do, would you mind working on taxes?
UG: ROAR!!!! Why the @#$()& should I give a @#$*( about taxes?! It’s only mid-March! They can wait another week!!!
UD: Because I’ve finished the whole return except for your bit, and I can’t file until you give me your schedule C. [I tutored up through the middle of last year, so my business was theoretically alive in 2008.]
UG: So, you think deciding where we’ll spend the next five years is nothing better to do? Go to hell!! (stomps off, slams door to room)

*sigh* Yeah. There is a reasonable person buried in there somewhere. I think she will re-emerge on April 15, which is–unfortunately for UnlikelyDad–also the deadline for taxes.


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