Posted by: thediygeochemist | March 22, 2009

you may call me crazy

So, I got accepted to GU, the one top 10 school I was accepted to. I’m going to turn the offer down.

Having visited the two interdisicplinary programs I’ve been accepted to, I think I would go absolutely crazy in a traditional chemistry program. I belong in an interdisciplinary program. Going to GU would make me incredibly miserable; grad school already involves plenty of misery, so piling extra stress/unhappiness on top is sort of pointless.

So…the question is which interdisciplinary program to accept.

CloseU is closer to family; it’s a more prestigious school; it’s in a city I’d like to live in. The program at CloseU also isn’t sure how much, if any, funding they can offer me for the first year.

FarthestU, on the other hand, has research I am really really excited about–absolutely incredibly thrilled. And I have guaranteed funding.

…hmmmm. On second thought, doesn’t seem like much of a choice, does it?

I still have to visit MountainU, which seems more and more like a fading possibility. But I’m trying to go there completely unprejudiced by factors like what I’ve liked so far, prestige of school, etc. so I can evaluate it with an open mind.


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