Posted by: unlikelygrad | March 31, 2009


If I’ve been remiss in posting, it’s because I have a huge lab write-up due on Wednesday afternoon: I fully expect it to be 20+ pages (excluding the 25 pages of appended data).

We were given 2 weeks to do this, but since I was gone for 8 days–and then spent 2 days making up for missed research time, plus 2 days catching up with stuff-around-the-house (not to mention loooooong conversations with UnlikelyDad about the big school decision), I didn’t get much written until Monday.

I had written 7 pages as of yesterday afternoon. Go me!! Some of my classmates haven’t even started yet, so I suppose I am ahead of the game. Unfortunately I promised SL I would be in lab Wed morning to help train NewbieFreshman, so I need to finish the paper tonight instead of letting it drag out into Wednesday. Ugh. No need to plan out my day, I guess.


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