Posted by: unlikelygrad | April 26, 2009

a new gadget

I’ve been busy with both research (summary: for every two steps I take forward, I take one step back) and school (major projects/writing assignments about said projects fast approaching).

I’ve also been busy with home improvement. You see, in less than four months we will have to leave this house we’ve been living in for the last 11 years and either rent it or sell it to strangers. So we are rushing to finish all the half-completed projects that have been on the shelf for ages.

There’s a bit of role reversal in our house: my husband likes to cook, and I like power tools. In fact, I do most of the home improvement myself, although the last few projects have been the sort that require two sets of hands. So usually, I’m the one who covets things like a router, a table saw, or a right-angle drill.

I’ve wanted all of the aforementioned tools for ages, but the right-angle drill became absolutely necessary for this project. Alas, even a cheap right-angle drill costs $60. More importantly, it would also take up a fair amount of room in an already-crowded garage. As luck would have it, I found a little attachment that converts a regular drill into a right-angle one. It cost less than $20, and it takes up only a modest amount of room. Yay!!!

Maybe I can get my living room finished before my mother-in-law arrives on Thursday…


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