Posted by: unlikelygrad | April 28, 2009

shamed into being fashionable!

I’m a jeans and T-shirts kind of person. Sometimes I wear polo shirts or turtlenecks, but I always wear jeans. If I want to wear something other than a pull-on shirt plus jeans, I go all out and go for the very dressy stuff.

For my birthday a couple of months ago, my mom bought me some pants. This was not a surprise, since she’d called me to get my size. She’d told me, very gleefully, that she found them at the outlet mall for a very good price. However, when I opened the package I was in shock.

My mom had bought me cargo pants (which was okay, I guess) that were low-riders with flared cuffs. (Back when I was a kid, we called those “bell-bottoms”: what’s the current terminology?) The bell-bottoms I winced at, but I figured I could wear them. The low-rider part I could live without.

You see, I was pregnant four times. This does not mean I look fat. From my rib cage upward I am thin enough; I walk (a lot) so my legs are nice and trim. But my hips and butt are…well, about 50 pounds heavier than they were when I was an undergrad. Plus, my tummy is sadly very flabby. My jeans hide these problems very nicely: the low-riders showcased these attributes of mine. So I tucked the pants away into the back of the closet.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I got another email from my mom: she’d bought more!! “I’m sending you three more pairs since the sale was so good. Since you’re going to start grad school, it’s time to update your image. You need to look young and hip,” she said.

Ha! I thought: why would I want to look like an undergrad? But then I read what she said next: “I bought a whole bunch for myself! I love them!! They’re really cute!!”

My mother: sixty-five years old, who had seven children herself, wears low-riders. It was too much for me to bear. (Never mind the fact that, unlike me, my mom also does the “Beach Body” workout religiously, and it shows.)

Needless to say, I wore the low-riders yesterday. I think I wouldn’t mind them so much if I had a longer T-shirt so I didn’t have to constantly tug down my shirt to hide my navel. Bah. Shamed into fashion by my mom.



  1. definitely, definitely go with long shirts if you’re wearing low rise jeans!
    i’m pretty well convinced that they only look good on about 0.02% of the population, but they’re so comfortable that i wear them anyway. 🙂

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