Posted by: thediygeochemist | July 20, 2009


Some things are okay to procrastinate. Really. Like posting to the blog when you’re really busy doing other things, or doing dishes when you could be reading Harry Potter to the kids instead.

Some things…are just not okay to procrastinate. My husband wants to keep putting off discussion of where we’re going to be living in one month. I’ve been watching Craigslist since, hmm, May? But he doesn’t want to think about it much yet. We just had our first (reasonable) chat about it last night and are now to the point where he is starting to think that maybe we should start putting feelers out and maybe doing something–but no signing of leases yet! He is totally okay with putting our stuff in storage and staying in a hotel for a few weeks.

To the commenter who proclaimed that I couldn’t know if I was a better person because I was married–ha. 19 years ago I wouldn’t have had the patience to put up with this crap. I would have stormed out of the house and left. He knows my views–we’ve communicated the situation clearly–but he hates to commit to a new place when we are still very much in possession of the old place.

UnlikelyDad does have a point: our primary goal right now is to get the house on the market. Target date: 2 weeks from today. Yikes. Still no new flooring, kitchen still needs new sink and faucet, bathroom needs new vanity…Plus we still have all our junk in here (minus what’s been given to charity, sold at a yard sale, etc.) Like I said, yikes.

I would find it easier to concentrate on what I’m supposed to be doing (new kitchen sink etc.) if:
(1) …I knew we had a place to live for next month
(2) …my research project for SL was done. But it’s not. And we have to finish basic data analysis in the next couple of days before he meets with Big Protein Gurus who have promised to collaborate with us on this project. Bleah.



  1. Your web site serves as an inspiration to me. As a 39 year old soon to be graduate with an M.A. in History that is in the middle of a serious debate between Law School or PHD, (I still am unsure) it makes me feel great knowing that there are others out there that are dealing with far greater challenges than I, and are doing well..

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