Posted by: unlikelygrad | August 1, 2009

haven’t been a renter for years

I have to say that I’m not looking forward to being a renter again. Yes, renting has its advantages; for example, you can call someone if something goes wrong, and hopefully they will fix it for you.

What I’m not looking forward to is the loss of freedom that will occur when I’m no longer the owner of my residence. Yesterday I filled out a rental application for the first time in 13 years. I had to promise all sorts of things–had to agree to a lease which I couldn’t back out of, for example–but I also had to agree that the landlord could boot me out for no reason whatsoever!!

…on the plus side, when it’s time to move again, hopefully I won’t be in such a frenzy trying to get the house ready to sell. I told UnlikelyDad that, if we buy a home while I’m in grad school, I’m going to insist that it not be a fixer this time.

Three weeks from now I should be in my new residence…and the house is *still* not ready to put on the market. It’s starting to look more and more like I will be separated from UnlikelyDad and the kids for a few weeks. *sniff*


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