Posted by: unlikelygrad | September 30, 2009

laughing with my officemates

I share an office with five other first-year grad students; all six of us TA at least one freshman lab. As you might guess, a common form of amusement is reading aloud any bizarre statements we find while grading.

Officemate A found a real doozy today: one of his frosh decided to write the lab procedure in incredibly flowery language. For example, he filled his beaker with water from the “auspiciously-located tap” and went to get sodium from the “dark recesses of the chemical dispensary”. He also described a bit of empathy for the chunk of sodium, struggling to break free from its protective coating of oil…

Needless to say, as he read this aloud, the rest of us laughed so hard that we had difficulty staying in our chairs.


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