Posted by: unlikelygrad | October 14, 2009

reading, reading, reading, writing

Over the last 3 weeks or so I have checked out upwards of 75 journal articles. I skimmed through 50 of those, selected ~25 or so for a full read (first printed, then perused with highlighter in hand), and went back over 10 with a fine-toothed comb, thereby generating several pages of (typed) notes.

Now I actually get to write my research proposal. AAAAAAH!!! I’ve never done this before! (Luckily my temporary advisor has had students who have received 2 of the 3 fellowships I’m applying for. She’s going to send me a successful proposal or two.)

I keep telling myself: now that the research is done and I have a concrete plan, writing won’t be that hard. After all, I can churn out a blog post in a matter of minutes, right?

If I keep repeating it, maybe I’ll actually believe it.



  1. We get to write one while applying for a PhD. I am now thankful I had a Master’s by Coursework and Research. I have got into univ, lets say Univ 1.. where I have written 5 different proposals for my supervisor whose interests.. err.. well lets say are not so rooted. Despite that I have deferred this offer since I dont have a fellowhip/assistance here.
    At univ 2 where there is a promise of funding, I took with me an initial proposal while applying and have worked and modified it with inputs from my supervisors. We have worked on it for around 6 months. It currently is being reviewed by 2 other experts in the field and if both the reviewers feel that the proposal is worth a try, I get in.
    I love it.. seriously without even an access to the Univ libraray, we are expected to work on it. All my gratitude is due to google scholar and science direct.

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