Posted by: unlikelygrad | November 6, 2009


With just about a month remaining in my first semester of grad school, I am feeling a bit introspective. Am I doing as well as I thought I would? Well, here’s the situation so far:

Where I’m doing well:
* I have an average > 90% in all three of my classes.
* I have received a rather alarming number of compliments on my ability to TA. One professor has specifically requested me as a TA for her class next semester.
* I’ve read literature in my (new-to-me) field, written a research proposal, and submitted two (so far) fellowship applications.
* I’ve located three or four people with whom I’d like to work. (Of course, none of whom have money for me right now).
* Plus I still have an alarming amount of free time available…so if research was a possibility, I could put in a reasonable (10+ hours/week) amount of time in lab.

Where I’m not doing well:
My family is still in California!!! I hate having to fly back on weekends. ‘Nuff said.


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