Posted by: unlikelygrad | January 11, 2010

back to school!

School starts this week and I am psyched. My family, of course, is still in California, so I am also plagued by guilt: I shouldn’t want to go back to school, because it means leaving them. I miss them, of course, but am still ready and rarin’ to get going.

A look ahead at this semester:

  • The first of my remedial geology classes: one of the downsides of going into an interdisciplinary program with only half of the necessary background.
  • More geochemistry: yay!!
  • A thermodynamics class. I wasn’t very fond of thermo when I took it as an undergrad, but after 7+ months of working for SL, I actually kinda like it.
  • More TAing. Obviously.
  • Funding decisions: All three of the fellowships I applied for will announce results in the spring. Plus, some of the people I want to work for will hopefully also hear back on their grant proposals.
  • Dabbling in research: Can’t jump in with both feet, since I’m still taking 3 classes and teaching 3 labs, but I’ll be doing some stuff in the lab with 2 different profs.
  • My first try at giving a seminar. Most people don’t do this until their second year, but considering the horror stories I’ve heard about the low pass rate, I decided to try to get it out of the way early. Also, if I pass, I won’t be busy trying to get my seminar done while I study for my qualifying exams next year.

    Since it’s only my master’s-level seminar, I don’t have to give it on my thesis research; instead, I’m doing it on the research I did with SL—cutting-edge and very cool (not to mention probably somewhat more interesting to the chemistry grad students than any geochem seminar I could ever put on).



  1. Best of luck with fellowships. I’m hoping to hear nice things from NSF or DOE 🙂

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