Posted by: thediygeochemist | February 8, 2010

seminar tomorrow

So, tomorrow I get to give my seminar. This is a big deal because I am doing it for the whole department (profs + grad students). Also because I have to get a passing grade, twice, before I graduate.

The first seminar I give, for the master’s level, can be on any research topic related to chemistry. So I am going to be talking about the research I did for SL.

I have practiced this 3 times for other people, amending the presentation after hearing their input. I have also practiced the various incarnations about a dozen times by myself. I’ve run through the “final version” (though I’m still amending it in small ways) four times, including three consecutive times this morning. Right now it is running 45-50 minutes which is a perfect length, though I always talk faster in front of a crowd. So I am guessing 40-45 minutes will be closer to the actual length.

I think my delivery is getting better and better. On the minus side, after three consecutive run throughs, I’m starting to lose my voice!


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