Posted by: unlikelygrad | February 14, 2010

why I will never be like Dr. Isis

I love Dr. Isis. I really do. And I really wish I could wear hot shoes like her.

I tell people I can’t wear heels because I have bad knees. This is true, and it is one reason why I will never wear totally hot shoes. But there’s another contributing factor: I don’t have feet. I have boats. (I wear size 10EE.)

Yesterday I went out looking for a new pair of walking shoes. Walking shoes!!! That dime-a-dozen sort of footwear! This was my third foray out looking for shoes in the last month…and I finally got lucky this time. I spent an hour at Big 5 trying on various pairs of shoes and getting very frustrated before the staff suggested that I try men’s shoes. This worked: I now own a nice pair of New Balance cross-trainers which I got for under $30.

I’ve been looking for boots since early December. These are for walking through snow; they have to have good tread for going up steep (and often icy) hills, which I do multiple times a day, so boots with heels are out. No luck. Shoe manufacturers don’t seem to like making boots in wide widths–even for men. Humbug.

When it comes to dressy shoes, I’m lucky to find a pair of sandals that fits me, or a pair of flats. Heels? Never. Even if my knees weren’t bad, I couldn’t find shoes I wanted. My sister (size 9.5 EE) orders hers online; I may have to go to that extreme at some point.

I wish I could have a pair of cute shoes.



  1. I think these are pretty adorable.

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