Posted by: unlikelygrad | March 1, 2010

reading labels is a good thing

I am usually very good about reading labels on food products. However, I have to admit that there are some foods for which I have lapsed into complacency.

Take milk, for instance: why bother reading the ingredients on a carton of moo juice? As long as I can remember, the ingredients have been Milk, Vitamin A, and Vitamin D.

…except that that may not be the case any more. I’d taken to buying my milk from Safeway (which is conveniently located four blocks from my office). I’d noticed that the milk seemed thicker than usual–enough that I double checked to make sure that I had, indeed bought skim milk. But still, I didn’t read the label.

Then my family came to visit. And my boys, fortunately, read labels. “Mom, do you know that they put artificial color in this milk?”


I read the label on the milk jug for the first time in many years and, yes indeed, Safeway does in fact put artificial color–and “natural flavors” (which in my experience usually means MSG)–and carrageenan (explains the “thickness”) in their milk. Yuck. I’m not buying milk there any more.



  1. ewwww! yikes.

  2. I suggest you don’t watch Food Inc. if that bothers you. Ha.

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