Posted by: unlikelygrad | March 27, 2010

proud nerd here

Not only a proud nerd, but one who’s married to another nerd.

For this post to make sense, you first need to check out this awesome Venn diagram.

Over the years, I’ve drifted more and more towards “geek” rather than “nerd”–I’ve actually acquired a couple of social graces, like the art of conversation and the ability to actually approach someone to say hi. But I’m still an introvert at heart, one who would rather curl up in a quiet corner with a book than go out with a friend. And I do have a habit of saying what I think, even if I know someone’s not going to like hearing it. Oh well.

My nerd qualifications:

Social ineptitude discussed above
Obsessions: homeschooling, space, chemistry, emergency preparedness, Scrabble
Intelligence: can’t discuss without bragging. But I made it into a PhD program, so I can’t be too stupid, can I?


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