Posted by: thediygeochemist | April 6, 2010

1/3 is not good enough

I never really thought I had a serious chance at the NSF GRFP, but I had to apply anyway.

I actually got three reviewers, so did better than some. But still.

Reviewer #1: Very Good/Excellent.

It was the next two who torpedoed my chances: they both gave me “Fair/Good”.

I was faulted for not having any publications. I knew that would be a serious negative for me. I was also faulted for not having enough methodology in my proposal. Given that I was switching fields (my only previous research experience was in theoretical chemistry, for crying out loud), I guess this should not be a surprise.

Oh well.



  1. Best of luck with the EPA STAR, then! When do you hear back about it?

  2. I think the EPA STAR announces results in May.

    I dunno… I’m feeling pretty dubious about my chances of getting that one too. Congrats on getting the NSF, btw!

  3. thanks! i got exceptionally lucky this year.

  4. […] I got rejection letters from all 3 of the fellowships I applied […]

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