Posted by: thediygeochemist | April 7, 2010

looking back #4: 2 vignettes about my kids

From November 17, 2006:

Will and I were having a little chat this morning about differences between Boys &. Girls when he announced that he wanted to be a girl. Thoughts flashed through my head–does he want long hair? (He hates haircuts.) Cute clothes? (He is rather vain.) Ability to be pregnant?

I asked him if he wanted to be a girl like Taylor (a girl in his class at church). He said no, he wanted to be a girl like me.

I probed a bit more and discovered…that he wanted to be a girl so he could use power tools when he was big. AHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, there’s a bit of role reversal in this household.

* * *

January 23, 2007: Why I write slowly

Yesterday I was trying to work on one of my books.

Lew only does his schoolwork when he’s sitting next to me, so I was fighting bony elbows sticking into my side. Al & Nate were sitting on the recliners less than 10′ away, working on math homework.

Then Will came in with a handful of rubber bands and started a war. Rubber bands were flying everywhere and all four were screaming & shouting.

It took me about twenty minutes to calm everyone down. (“Don’t worry, Ma,” said Al, “I only have one rubber band left, so I’ll be back to my math in no time at all.” Just then, two rubber bands hit him in the face…)

By the time the rubber bands were all confiscated, I just couldn’t write any more.

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