Posted by: thediygeochemist | April 20, 2010

fun in the summer sun

Yesterday I got a taste of what my summer will be like, as I got trained in how to run a photoincubation experiment. (I wanted to post pics, but I don’t have a working camera right now–sorry!)

T. and I set up the stuff on the lawn outside the chem building:

1 temperature-controlled water bath
7 Teflon bottles of DI water spiked with labeled hydrogen peroxide. 3 of these were wrapped in electrical tape to keep out UV.
1 UV detector
1 temperature probe
1 fluorescence/chemiluminescence detector (home-brewed, built inside a styrofoam cooler so it is field ready); this was hooked up to
1 very old laptop, at least 7 years old
1 very long extension cord
1 car battery plus power inverter (for the stuff that couldn’t plug into the extension cord)
a bunch of reagents
1 lab notebook and pen
1 box Kimwipes
assorted syringes and micropipets

We got a lot of funny looks and a few comments, but basically it was 5 hours of being outside on a very lovely, mostly sunny spring day. We took readings every 45 min-1 hour, so I did have blocks of time of 10-15 min to read my book.

Over the summer I’ll be doing this 2-3 times a week. Sweet!!

A side note: I generally don’t sunburn (being half-Asian has its advantages) but I do burn occasionally at high altitudes. Yesterday I realized that I am now definitely living at high altitude. Yikes. Better get in the habit of applying sunscreen!

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