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looking back #7: 3 more kid-related vignettes

I’ve mentioned before that I like to read. So do my kids.

* * *

April 24, 2006

Homeschoolers are notorious for having lots o’ books; we certainly do. But, since you can never have enough books, we use the library–extensively.

According to the online account thingie, I currently have exactly 100 items checked out. I think 8 of those are DVDs; the rest are books. Can anyone beat that?

* * *

December 6, 2005

A long time ago–well, at least three years, anyway–we were driving past the 76 station near our house when one of the boys noticed something. One of the signs was missing an ‘s’.

“Teeheehee…That gas station has ‘elf serve’,” he giggled.

“Maybe elves pump the gas?” suggested another.

I do not know who said the next line but it changed our view of 76 forever. Read the following in a squeaky voice: “Oh, Harry Potter, sir. Dobby is happy to pump your gas for you.”

Nowadays, any time we pass the gas station (which is about 75% of the time we leave the house), at least one person has to make a comment.

“I wonder if Dobby likes pumping gas better than working at Hogwarts?”

“Wow, look at the price of gas! I bet Dobby’s making a fortune!”

“Man, the price of gas is way down. I bet Dobby’s only making one Sickle a month.”

And so on ad infinitum.

Kids. *rolls eyes*

* * *
November 12, 2005

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that my boys–living as they do in an all-male household*–tend to have trouble adapting to the idea that another gender exists. (Nate was the only exception.) “Girl” is not in their vocabulary for a long time.

Unlike his brothers, Will’s had the privelege of seeing a girl (Hannah) on a regular basis. He loves Hannah and for some odd reason would see her everywhere. He’d be flipping through a catalog, spot a young girl, and say, “That’s Hannah.” And of course everyone would laugh because it wasn’t Hannah.

This morning, we went out with the Scouts for the annual Scouting for Food fundraiser. One of the leaders brought his teenaged daughter along to help. After watching her for ten minutes or so, Nephi remarked to me, “That’s Hannah.”

“No,” I replied. “That’s Jill.”

“Yeah, but she’s like a Hannah,” he insisted.

All of a sudden it dawned on me that he’d figured out that girls existed. Except they weren’t girls, they were Hannahs.

*As every child knows, Mommy has no gender. She is just a Mommy.


  1. My all-time favorite sign outage was at a Shell station. My brother and I would drive past the Hell station and giggle maniacally.

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