Posted by: unlikelygrad | May 8, 2010

permanently warped

I already considered myself permanently warped in some ways, but taking mineralogy has warped me even further.

What, you say? Mineralogy, the class you love to hate? The class with all those things to memorize that you can never keep in your brain?

Yes, that mineralogy class.

You see…everywhere I go, I see minerals. Those big landscaping rocks along the edge of the driveway in my townhome complex are just begging to be identified. (For the record, they’re about 70% K-feldspar, 15% hornblende, 14% quartz, and 1% muscovite.) Heck, why focus on big landscaping rocks? I walk past people’s yards, where they’ve covered areas with small rocks. I identify them as I pass.

I did this, and I knew I was forever changed. But I didn’t realize just how far gone I was until I was at the airport. I’d just gone through security, so I sat down on a handy bench to put my shoes back on. And I saw the most beautiful granite floor I’d ever seen. The granite was made of the most beautiful chunky blocks of K-feldspar I’d ever seen–big enough that you could see the exsolution features. Interspersed with these blocks (which are huge for a granite, maybe 1×2 cm) are bits of quartz, hornblende, and biotite. So pretty!!!

I think I’m being turned into a geologist.


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