Posted by: unlikelygrad | May 18, 2010

spitting mad

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t like messy labs.

Which is why I find myself more than a little annoyed today. You see, I was vaguely aware that Dr. Hand-Waver’s last student left me a few dishes to wash. What I didn’t realize is that he’d left me more than a few. Nor that there were still sample vials full of stuff left from the guy who left before him–at least 6 months old. Nor that there was still glassware in the lab, unwashed, belonging to people who graduated over a year ago.

Dr. HW shares a lab space with another prof, and I always assumed it was their stuff. But it isn’t, and since I’m the only grad student left under Dr. HW’s supervision, it is up to me to wash it all.

Why yes, my friends. That is steam you see coming out of my ears!!



  1. […] not the only one who gets frustrated… My previous labmates, A & T left me a whole sink full of dirty dishes. DannyBoy isn’t much better about cleaning up after himself, though he will do it after a bit […]

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