Posted by: thediygeochemist | June 22, 2010

not *that* old

I haven’t been posting much because I’ve been taking a bit of time off. UnlikelyDad and I took a couple of days to celebrate our 20th anniversary a bit early, and I’ve been trying to get in some family time while I also work on my house in California.

But I thought I should post this story, because while I may be older than the average grad student, I am not as old as some people think…

My kids and I were discussing our shared passion for reading. I mentioned that my favorite thing to read at age 5 (yes, I did start reading early…2 or 3 I think) was the World Book Encyclopedia. This made things difficult for me, I said, because when I had to look something up for a school report, I would invariably read the article I was interested in and then keep reading until I hit the end of the encyclopedia volume.

At this point I felt obliged to point out that I actually had to look things up in the encyclopedia because Wikipedia didn’t exist.

Upon hearing this, Will (8yo) looked at me in shock and asked, “Did you even have electricity back then?”

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