Posted by: unlikelygrad | July 1, 2010

hair I go again

The power supply to my laptop died a few days ago, and I preferred not to post from the school computer. The replacement arrived today, so I am back in business. However, in the interim, all my brilliant ideas for grad-school-related posts have flown clean out of my head. What this means for you: a fairly random post about life.

I generally have fairly long hair. Partly this is laziness–my hair grows faster than average, and if I had a short ‘do, I would have to get it cut every four weeks. This is also because my hair is moderately wavy and a bit uncontrollable. The shorter it is, the harder it is to keep it where it belongs.

I typically trim my bangs every month or so but only get a “real” haircut once a year, right before summer starts. I don’t like hair any shorter than shoulder length for reasons stated above, and by the time it’s been growing for a year it’s halfway down my back.

A few years ago I decided that since growing hair was something I did pretty well, I would grow my hair out even longer and donate it to Locks of Love. I still wanted shoulder-length or longer hair left after donation, so I ended up growing it down to the small of my back.

Of course I made the mistake of going to a professional stylist to get the excess chopped off. She declared that what I’d marked off “wasn’t enough to donate” (it was 3″ more than the requirement) and cut higher than I asked. Then she decided she needed to lop off an additional 4″ while evening it out. I ended up with hair that ended above my chin. There was too little of it to put up so it ended up frizzing into my face for the next month.

Fast forward to about six weeks ago. It was That Time Of Year, the time I normally chop off 8″ or so of hair. But I thought, “It’s been a while since I donated. Maybe I’ll donate again.” And I was happy with this decision. For a month.

Now my hair is getting long enough that it’s really starting to bug me. This is why I don’t donate every two years!! My hair takes forever to brush out (waviness + length = tangles). It requires generous amounts of shampoo to wash. And it’s just a pain in general.

But having made the decision, I’m going to stick with it. I estimate I’ll be ready to donate in…oh…December or so. I hope I can last.


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