Posted by: thediygeochemist | July 9, 2010

why have regrets?

Lately I’ve been pondering something that happened a few years ago…

My husband and I have been members of SETI for an awfully long time…at least 12 years. For many years, we lived close to SETI headquarters and would go to as many SETI events as we could.

A few years back we went to their open house. In addition to other activities, they had some of their in-house scientists give lab tours.

One of these guys was a geochemist. I found his work absolutely fascinating and asked him a bunch of questions.

Now let me explain that eons ago, when I left BigNameU in the middle of my undergraduate career, I knew I was going to change my major. But to what? I struggled to decide if I should go into chemistry or geology. It never occurred to me to do both.

As I walked out of his lab that day, I found myself regretting my path: “If only I’d chosen geology,” I told myself, “I could be doing work like that.”

Despite this experience, once I had made the decision to go back to grad schools, I applied mostly to chemistry programs!! Luckily I made the right decision, both in applying to the geochem program at MyU (instead of the chem program) as well as choosing MyU over the interdisciplinary program at CloseU. I started school here…and loved it. My desire to be a geologist is being satisfied as much as my desire to become a better chemist.

Thinking back on this experience, I realize that regrets are stupid. If you don’t like the way your life path has taken you up to this point, then change it. I just wish I’d learned this a long time ago.


  1. Regrets are crap. We choose our path to walk in life and if you spend time standing still wondering about your chosen path you are just letting life pass you by.

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