Posted by: thediygeochemist | August 24, 2010

new beginnings (sort of)

School officially begins today, and already things feel very different.

Last week we loaded up a moving truck with most of our belongings. UnlikelyDad and I drove this out–VERY slowly, I might add, as even a diesel hauler doesn’t like pulling 10,000 pounds of stuff up mountain passes. He flew back this morning, and will bring the kids out in a couple of weeks.

Another thing that’s different about this school year: no teaching. I felt the loss just two weeks into summer break. I cannot express how much I love teaching! I have volunteered to step in for the Chem 1 prof any time he needs a sub, but I’m not sure this will be enough to keep me satisfied. Last time I had no outlet for my teaching urge, I joined my city’s CERT instructor committee on impulse. I wonder how I’ll break out this time?

Last year at this time I was busily starting classes. Now, I am registered for two classes this semester. But one of them is a Monday-only class which won’t meet until next week, and the other–a Tuesday-only class–was cancelled for today. So basically, even though I’ve officially started classes, I don’t have anything to do this week except research. I am looking forward to classes though. One is geology, the other microbiology so I will definitely be learning new stuff!

Finally, I have a new office. My new desk isn’t as nice as the old one, but I do get my own personal bookshelf. And my new office has a window! WOOT!!


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