Posted by: thediygeochemist | November 4, 2010


Forget NaNoWriMo: I seem to have signed up for NaTePaWriMo.* I emailed my almost completed EPA-STAR fellowship proposal to Dr. Hand-Waver last week. On Sunday, she finally got back to me to say, “This is based on an underlying assumption that goes counter to conventional wisdom! No one will ever buy this!” So we spent an hour talking about how to tweak the proposal. Then I spent the next four days completely rewriting the introduction (the hardest part) and adjusting the methods to be more in line with the new slant I’d put on things.

So that’s mostly done, assuming Dr. HW doesn’t pull it apart again. (But it’s due tomorrow so it will be over soon anyhow.) I still need to write my &*@# personal essay, and as I’ve mentioned before, I hate writing about myself.

Plus I have a ~3,000 word research paper for petrology, due Monday afternoon. I have the references I want to use but haven’t actually started writing yet. The stupid professor gave us a Monday deadline for our research paper AND is giving us a midterm on Tuesday…

After all that’s over, I can start my 10-page research paper for my environmental microbiology class!! Can’t you hear the enthusiasm in my voice? Luckily I still have a few weeks to finish that one, including Thanksgiving break.

While I spend my time weeping, wailing, and gnashing my teeth over all the writing I have to do in the next few weeks, those of you who are (or have been) TAs can enjoy this post on grading.

*National Technical Paper Writing Month. 10,000+ words of technical writing is at least as grueling as a 50,000 word novel, if you ask me.


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