Posted by: thediygeochemist | November 10, 2010


The EPA proposal was submitted Friday; I bought myself ice cream to celebrate.

My petrology paper was finished (sort of) Monday at 3:30; I turned it in just before the deadline.

Then I had to study for my petrology midterm, which was Tuesday at 1 pm. (Alas, the professor sees nothing wrong with having a major assignment due right before a test.)

Today I am breathing a sigh of relief. There are no looming deadlines for classes. Of course I still have a long-ish paper to write for my environmental microbiology class, and I will need to revise the petrology paper whenever I get it back from the professor, but those deadlines are a few weeks away. I will work on them a little here, a little there, the way I prefer to work on projects.

In the meantime I can actually go up to lab for the first time in weeks and maybe actually get something done! YAY!!

I like learning new stuff but classes are really getting to be a pain in the rear.


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