Posted by: thediygeochemist | January 1, 2011

January charity: The Delores Project

In a previous post I vowed to donate a minimum of $5 per month to a charity. (I figure that $5 is a number that even a poor grad student can afford–and I’m definitely poor right now.) My hope is that others will join me in making even a small donation–either to the charity I choose or another, similar charity–and, as we spread the word, many small donations will add up to a reasonable donation for the charity in question.

On a cold winter day like today–last night’s temps were well below zero (Fahrenheit) here in Denver–it’s prudent to consider the plight of the homeless. There are many homeless shelters around; you’ll find several in any reasonably-sized city. Many run completely on donations. My shelter of choice is the Delores Project, a homeless shelter for women near downtown Denver.

Because I have actually volunteered at The Delores Project, I got a feel for the way it is run. The atmosphere is homey and friendly, and the women are treated not only with dignity, but with love.

One more word about donating to a homeless shelter: although they like cash donations, they also appreciate donations of frequently-used goods. So next time you buy that super-value-sized pack of toilet paper at Costco, drop off a dozen of the rolls of TP at a homeless shelter–they’ll love you!

Here is the Delores Project’s list of most-needed items:

travel size toothpaste
travel size shampoo and conditioner
coffee filters (commercial restaurant size)
toilet paper
paper towels
trash bags – office size, tall kitchen and lawn and leaf size
new combs and hair brushes
disposable razors
dish soap (not for dishwashers)
refillable hand soap
winter gloves and hand warmers

Again, this month’s charity is the Delores Project for me–find a homeless shelter near you and donate a minimum of $5, or the equivalent in goods.


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