Posted by: unlikelygrad | February 1, 2011

February charity: Central Asia Institute

This month’s charity is the Central Asia Institute, the organization founded by Greg Mortensen of “Three Cups of Tea” fame. (If any of you have not read this book, you should. Have a box of tissues handy.)

I think this charity is awesome because it adheres to many principles I believe in strongly:

(1) Encouraging self-sufficiency–CAI projects teach locals what they need to thrive on their own, without making them overly dependent on handouts.
(2) Using local resources–it just makes sense. No shipping of goods across the ocean (at high cost, I might add). Stimulating the local economy in ways that help local people.
(3) Education. Not just the 3 R’s (though they do this too), but also practical things like basic hygiene, how to keep the water supply clean, and how to treat complications of childbirth.

You can read more about CAI here.

As usual, I am sending in my small donation and ask that you follow my lead. According to the website, $5 can buy a school uniform and $20 will buy school supplies for a child for a year. Any little bit you can donate will be a big help.


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