Posted by: unlikelygrad | April 6, 2011

waiting game

I think I did pretty well with my presentation. There was one point where I totally lost my train of thought and took ~30 seconds to get back on track, but otherwise it ran smoothly.

I did my best with the Q&A, though as my friend put it: “The questions were a bit too much biology for you.” I am a chemist who is pretending to be a microbiologist, so some of them were a little tough. However, some of the professors asked questions which I could not only answer, but do so while referring to the literature. That was good.

The students I’ve talked to have said that (1) it was really good (compared to other presentations they’ve seen this year) and (2) that it was much better than last year. The latter is especially good to hear, because I missed passing by one grade last time (B-, need a B). However, the students are not the ones who are grading me.

The grade is always determined the night of the presentation (Tuesday), but the official results sheet is not issued until Friday. Usually the graders will at least give the student’s advisor thumbs up or thumbs down (pass or fail), and the advisor will pass this info on to the student. But: (1) my advisor is on sabbatical on the East Coast, and (2) even if she were here she wouldn’t tell me, as she likes to wait for official notification. So I’m assuming that I’ll have to wait until Friday to find out.

In the meantime, I’m wandering the halls, attempting to bump into one of my graders in the vain hope that they’ll give me unofficial results. But I tried this last year, and it didn’t work.

There are many things I do well. Waiting is not one of them.



  1. Hope the shit shakes out in your favor. Best of luck.

  2. I’m certain you rocked the presentation! I had one too, recently, in which I lost my train of thought and it was super awkward… it happens, I guess!

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