Posted by: unlikelygrad | April 13, 2011

more pseudonyms

I am terribly slow at coming up with pseudonyms, and even after these additions will be far behind at naming people. Here are the new additions.

Committee Member:
Dr. Green–in part because algae are his friends, but also because one of his grad students has a hilarious nickname for him (which she never uses in his presence) which goes along with the green theme.

Other Professors:

Dr. PokerFace. I’ve called him this on my private blog for over a year, and struggled a bit with whether or not to give him this pseudonym here as well. (I am far, *far* more irreverent in naming people when I know the general populace can’t read what I write.) I have seen this prof smile before, but most of the grad students in the department haven’t had that privilege. And I have yet to meet an undergrad who likes him. It’s not that he’s grumpy; he doesn’t frown either. He just doesn’t wear his emotions on his sleeve.

Dr. Catalyst. Yes, he does work on catalysis, but I’ve actually named this guy for his interpersonal abilities. In Weis and Hickman’s Darksword series, catalysts were the people who gathered the power for the mages to use in their spells. Dr. Catalyst has some sort of magic that brings out the best in everyone. I have never met such a nice guy.

The young man formerly known as NewGuy finally has a name! I’m calling him DannyBoy even though his name is neither Danny nor Dan nor Daniel. I’d toyed with calling him ‘Punk’…I think he’d prefer DannyBoy, though.

My two best friends in the department are:
WoeGirl–this chick is one of the biggest bad luck magnets I’ve ever met. She handles her misfortunes with grace and a big smile, though.
Snapette–pronounced “Snape-ette”. As in, she’d be an awesome female version of Snape. She even has a Slytherin T-shirt.

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