Posted by: unlikelygrad | May 23, 2011

taking care of myself. or not.

I’ve mentioned previously that one of the things I’m trying to do is make sure I’m taking care of myself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

This month I’ve not only gone in to get a well-woman exam, but finally went for a baseline mammogram. (Given the family history of breast cancer, I really should have gone in a few years ago. But oh well, I did get it done before 40.) And of course, I’ve been in to see my counselor.

However, last week I also had a stellar example of NOT taking care of myself. Some friends and I went out bowling–a local bowling alley has $1 games after 9 pm. On the second frame of the first game, I managed to twist my ankle. It hurt, but I wanted to finish the game. (Why? Because I wanted to get my full money’s worth from my dollar?) By the end of the game, it was hurting like heck–I pretty much had to hop up to the line to release the ball.

Now here’s the really stupid part: I decided to stay and play a second game. Yeah, that’s right. Every time I bowled I was in agony, so I decided I wanted more of the same. Two frames in I realized this was a serious mistake, but of course I “had” to finish the game. And I have to say, it wasn’t much fun, not only because of the pain, but because I was absolutely terrible. (I’m never a good bowler, but I can usually at least bowl a 70. In this game I got four consecutive gutter balls–on two separate occasions.)

Not only did I ruin my ability to bowl, I seriously impaired my ability to get work done. I had to spend most of the next day in bed with my ankle elevated. The following day I felt better, but after two hours in lab my ankle was starting to twinge and by the end of the day I was in serious pain.

See, this is why you should stop the very first time your body tells you to stop.


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