Posted by: thediygeochemist | May 29, 2011

legal mess

I try not to say much about it here, because legal proceedings are still ongoing (though they hopefully will be concluded by the end of next month), but getting a divorce is a pain in the butt.

I’m sure it would be a lot easier if UnlikelyDad and I could agree on anything. But we can’t. (If we could reason with each other, we would not be getting divorced…)

This is immensely frustrating to me, not to mention time consuming. I am surprised my research is moving forward at all (though it is, amazingly well). I am not surprised that last semester I got my first B since going back to school. This process is draining.

Some people might say that school is just too hard to do at a time like this. But to me, school/research is a godsend. If all I were doing was focusing on legal issues, I would be frustrated and depressed–you can’t help but being dragged down by this stuff. Research, on the other hand, involves a lot of forward-thinking, not to mention hopefulness.

I love my research. Oh, and Dr. Hand-Waver is being incredibly supportive right now. I need to give her a “Most Awesome Advisor” medal when she gets back from sabbatical.


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