Posted by: unlikelygrad | June 14, 2011

the view from the other side

Having been rejected by every fellowship I’ve ever applied to, I have found it interesting this year to see what applying for funding is like from a professor’s point of view.

This year I have:

(1) Read a couple of grant proposals that Dr. Hand-Waver submitted;
(2) Run around to various campus offices getting signatures on said grant proposals (Dr. HW normally does this, of course, but she can’t do it when she’s 2000 miles away);
(3) Listened to Dr. HW get more and more excited as she got a lot of positive feedback/went on to the next “level of competition” on one of the above proposals;
(4) Checked Dr. HW’s mailbox for her every couple of weeks to see if there was anything from the government agency which oversees the grant she was applying for; and
(5) Commiserated with her when the Big Buff Envelope appeared (like the EPA STAR Fellowship, a big packet is a bad thing). She actually had me open the envelope to make sure that it was, in fact, a rejection.

I guess there’s very little that changes in the process, other than the length of the proposal and the amount of money being requested.


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