Posted by: unlikelygrad | July 6, 2011

she’s back.

Dr. Hand-Waver has finally returned from sabbatical. I managed to get a lot done with her away; Skype communication worked out fairly well.


I spent a small amount of time talking with her in her office yesterday, and a couple more hours today. And I have to say, I much prefer talking with her in the same room; I think we communicate better that way. Maybe she just doesn’t communicate as well without her constant gesturing?

Whatever it is, I am very happy that she is back. I don’t think we had quite as good of an advisor/advisee relationship while she was gone.

Today’s Dr. Hand-Waver-ism: “Sometimes you can’t do hypothesis-based science, because you don’t have enough data to base a hypothesis on.” Yup. That was in regards to the system I’m studying right now. I love doing cutting-edge work!


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