Posted by: thediygeochemist | July 15, 2011

Hot diggity dawg!!

I am currently studying freshwater systems, but since Dr. Hand-Waver has done a lot of oceanography work in the past, I wasn’t too surprised when she called me last winter to ask: “How do you feel about being on a ship for an extended period of time?”

I said I was fine with that–I don’t get seasick, motion sick, etc.

“Could you handle two or three weeks on a ship?”

“Sure!” I said, crossing my fingers and hoping this meant what I thought it might mean.

“Good! I’m putting in a proposal that includes a cruise off [a sub-tropical island], and you have a lot more research experience than DannyBoy!”

I tried hard not to get my hopes up, tried not to think about it too much after that conversation…because, as everyone knows, grant proposals don’t always get funded. I can’t say I didn’t daydream sometimes, though.

Months passed…then, today, at lunch time, my advisor emailed me: “My oceanography grant has been accepted! You’re going to sea!”




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