Posted by: thediygeochemist | August 6, 2011

a bit spooky

Dr. Hand-Waver is taking a 2-week trip to The Country of Her Birth, and I have agreed to pet-sit for her. This arrangement has definite advantages and disadvantages.


  • I get to hang out with animals for a few weeks. I have not had a pet for several years, and I haven’t had a dog or cat since I was a kid. As a bonus, both the cat and her dog are exceptionally well behaved and easy to care for. My youngest son, Will, is in love with the animals and wants to spend hours brushing the dog (and eventually the cat, who seems to get jealous when too much attention is given to the dog).
  • I get to stay in Dr. Hand-Waver’s house, which is spacious and beautifully furnished. The first floor is larger than my current apartment, and there’s a second floor and a basement as well. Plus, the house is on a hill and backs onto open space–the views are fabulous!
  • Conveniently, this vacation coincides with my parents’ visit. So I can stay here and my parents can crash at my place (less than a mile away)–we get privacy from each other, but can also see each other any time we feel like it.

The primary disadvantage:

I am living in my advisor’s house. Yeah, it’s a nice house, but it’s Dr. Hand-Waver’s house! Everywhere I turn I am reminded of this. I am sleeping in her bedroom…on her bed. And trying not to think about the fact that she has sex with her husband here. GAH.

At least we are enough alike that I can look at the bedside table and find a stack of magazines that are the sort of reading I enjoy…

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