Posted by: thediygeochemist | August 29, 2011


I can add a new line to my CV, filling in a glaring blank spot.

This morning I gave an oral presentation at ACS. My first ever official presentation.

It went really well, I think. At least, I gather this from (1) what my advisor said and (2) watching the facial expressions/nodding/etc. of people in the audience as I talked.

The work I spoke about (mine + my predecessors) was definitely tied into the theme of the symposium…in fact the two talks immediately preceding mine really set the stage for what I was going to talk about. However, what I do is SO DIFFERENT from everyone else that no one could come up with a question for me during the Q&A session. (After a minute or so, a guy who I think was one of the symposium organizers came up with a dumb question so I would have at least one to answer, but I could tell he was stretching.) I think it must have taken a while for things to sink in, because afterwards a couple of people came up to me with some very interesting questions.

Now what I really need is a publication…



  1. congrats on your talk!! sounds like you did awesomely well 🙂

  2. Glad you had fun at ACS. We all need publications!

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