Posted by: thediygeochemist | September 1, 2011

done for the year

I’m back from ACS, not just for today, but for the whole conference. To tell the honest truth, I lasted longer than anyone I know–including my advisor.

I don’t blame people for not wanting to stick around too long. I had trouble sitting a whole day in technical sessions–in fact, I don’t think I *ever* spent a whole day in technical sessions. So what is my secret for lasting until the very last day of the conference? Simple: go to something other than technical sessions. I usually started out the day in environmentally-related symposia, and stayed until I’d reached my limit. Then I went and did something else.

Something else? Why, yes. I went to the Expo, of course–it’s kinda fun, and I got some cool freebies. But that’s not the sort of thing I was willing to do every day.

What I usually did instead was to go to ChemEd sessions. These were fantastic: if you think you’ll ever teach any time in your future, I recommend you visit when you can. (In fact, this course of action was recommended to me by my father who is a veteran of many ACS conferences…)

The great thing about ChemEd sessions–besides all the philosophy of education stuff–is that everyone who’s presenting actually likes to teach, and wants to teach well. So their presentations are all very well done. I can’t say the same about the technical sessions I attended; in fact, most people there didn’t seem to care about the quality of their presentation at all. I’ll have a lot more to say about this tomorrow…



  1. Thanks for your blog. I just started a Chem PhD program last month. I recently finished going through your archives and they have really had a positive impact. Keep up the good work.

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