Posted by: thediygeochemist | September 8, 2011

moving (myself, not the blog)

Yeah, I know, I promised you a post on giving presentations. Alas, I’ve been moving house this week.

There’s a fair amount of overlap in the availability of my two dwelling places–as it turns out, I have both for the whole month of September–so I’ve been taking it slowly: packing up half the kitchen stuff, hauling it over, and then unpacking it; packing up the books and taking them over the next day; and so on. I’m not sure this is the best way to move: sometimes it’s best just to get things over with all at once. The furniture will go over on Saturday, after which I should be mostly done with the process.

In the mean time, I still do plan to write that post on conference presentations. I passed the time during boring presentations by taking notes on what NOT to do–it shouldn’t take long to pass this on to posterity.



  1. I cant wait to hear your”what NOT to do”

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