Posted by: unlikelygrad | September 26, 2011

scheduling nightmare

Dr. Hand-Waver and I are finally trying to figure out such things as whether or not I need to take more courses (which is unlikely, since I’ve taken pretty much everything that’s offered that relates to my research…and then some) and when I should schedule my qualifying exams. Clearly this means a committee meeting is in order.

Her instructions to me were to find out everyone’s class schedules, figure out what possible time slots there were, and then make up a doodle so people could vote on times.

Unfortunately, Fate (or the registrar) seems to be laughing at me. For example, all 5 of my committee members teach on Mondays: one from 9-10, one from 10-11, one from 11-12, one from 12-2, and one from 1-2:30. This leaves a convenient slot after 2:30…assuming that no one has a faculty or other regularly scheduled meeting at that time. (I know when the chem faculty meeting is held, but one of my committee members is in the geology department, another is in the environmental engineering department, and a third is in the environmental science department at another university.)

At the end I found only 3 time slots during regular business hours when people were not teaching class. I’m hoping and praying that one of them works for everyone…if not, we may have to go for an evening slot (I’d bring in dinner). But at least one of my profs has a night class, so even that wouldn’t be a shoo-in for a time. Hmmm…I wonder what they think of meeting on Saturday?



  1. Yeah, I always ended up giving my committee three choices and letting them figure it out their own damn selves. Ironically, one person didn’t make it to my defense even though it was scheduled at a time everyone could come; he had a sudden injury and was in the hospital at the time. (We shrugged and carried on without him.)

  2. […] I actually begin trying to schedule a committee meeting. Note: four months later, I still haven’t managed this task, despite sending out six […]

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