Posted by: unlikelygrad | October 31, 2011

sometimes I even impress myself!

I have made some pretty awesome Halloween costumes in the past, but I think that this year I might have outdone myself.

Will wanted to be Asterix–he’s a comic book fan, and loves all of the silly puns in that series. Lew, ever my nerdiest-of-nerds, wanted to be dark matter. Both of these costumes were relatively easy to put together.

And then there was Nate. Nate decided he wanted to reprise a costume I’d made for him when he was 8, and be a Roman legionary. Last time I did it, it was all fabric and cardboard. But this time…well, I foolishly promised him that since he’s reached his full adult height, if he promised to wear it for two years running, I would make him a much more authentic/realistic version.

I can’t say it turned out terribly authentic, because I ran out of time and had to attach some of the pieces with duct tape. But I’m still pretty happy with it. Note that this picture was taken before I adjusted all of the straps, and so it does look a bit out of balance. But even so: hot diggity dawg!



  1. Kid looks like a gladiator, good job.

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