Posted by: thediygeochemist | December 11, 2011


I find it mildly annoying that I’m halfway through my third year of grad school and still have no publication…and no hope of one in the near future.

I was coming along very nicely with my first project, but my work never quite reached the point of being publishable. I take that back: some people might have considered my work publishable–I’ve read papers with data not unlike mine. But Dr. Hand-Waver is a stickler for making sure everything we’re claiming is reproducible. So I have to wait until I have more data.

But I haven’t worked on that project for months now. I spent a couple of wild and crazy months helping DannyBoy with his project, which requires a lot of two-person field work. Once we wrapped that up, it was time to start preparing for the research cruise–until Dr. HW hires a postdoc, I’m in charge of doing everything on that grant too.

So, in summary, I feel like I’ve done a lot of work and have learned a lot (not just capturing data, but developing new methodology and figuring out how to frame an experiment)…but I still have nothing concrete to show for it. And I would like to graduate some day, preferably before I turn 50.




  1. Does Dr. HW and/or your dept. have a pubs requirement, as in, you cannot graduate without X number of published (or at least submitted) papers?

  2. Yes. The department has a 3 first-author paper minimum, though at least one of these (maybe two?) can be submitted for publication, not necessarily accepted.

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