Posted by: thediygeochemist | January 3, 2012

2011 recap

January:I finally get around to choosing a committee. I also write one of my more popular posts of all time, asking readers to ponder who they want to be.

February: Nothing exciting was happening at work, so instead I wrote a lot of philosophical posts: the fraud of homeopathy, science appreciation, and things not to say to a depressed person, for example.

March: I had a very, very busy month.

April: My second attempt at giving the departmental seminar.

May: I wrapped up my second academic year as a grad student, finishing all of my required coursework.

June: My greatest Science!Fail week corresponded, not surprisingly, with serious divorce legal issues.

July: I did tons of field work with DannyBoy and received notice that I was going to be doing oceanography in the future.

August:I gave my first ever conference presentation.

September: I actually begin trying to schedule a committee meeting. Note: four months later, I still haven’t managed this task, despite sending out six different doodles.

October: I closed on a new house and much much more.

November:I did outreach for science teachers.

December: I went on my first ever research cruise

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