Posted by: thediygeochemist | January 23, 2012

Don’t make any plans!

Yes, Dr. Hand-Waver actually said that to me. She doesn’t want me to do any long-term planning for ANYTHING until all of our cruises for the oceanography project are set in stone. Given that we got final confirmation of our last cruise something like five weeks before we actually left port, this is not a very comforting thought.

An example of how this affects my life: my last post was about scheduling my qualifying exams. At the time, we said that I’d be doing my oral exams one day and getting on a plane the next…based on our understanding of the cruise schedule, of course.

But now we’re probably going on a different cruise, a new opportunity that’s just come up. This cruise leaves smack dab in the middle of the week during which I was supposed to be taking my written exams. I really should email my committee to tell them that we need new dates–but Dr. HW says that I should wait until I’m sure!

I think I’m going to be on this grant for two years; the inability to engage in long-term planning is going to kill me.


  1. It stinks that you are having to play the waiting game, but really cool you could be doing some more research cruises though.

  2. Good luck for your research cruises. They sound work with fun. All the very best. Looking forward to see your published results.

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